Monday, 26 November 2012

West Elm Christmas Styling

How about those two Papier Mache Silver Deer Sculpture

Sequins Felt Pillow Covers

Wood Chip Trees + Wooden Cutout Trees 

Gorgeous Twig Flatware Set Silver + Organic Shaped Dinnerware Set

Pillows covers: Mongolian Lamb + Sweater Knit 

Boxwood Tree + Own Snow Globe + Metallic Napkins + Kamal Snow Dots Mugs
"Simplicity is the key to setting the table for a meal shared with family and friends" Nathan Williams, founder of Kinfolk Magazine.

How could I not resist the chance to register this Christmas styling for West Elm? Shiny metallics, neutral tones and wood. Such stunning interiors highlighting shine and sparkle. The season of radiance has finally arrived!


  1. I like West Elm. My home was outfitted with their products when we lived in the British Virgin Islands (I had order and have it shipped in but worth it).

    1. I am new to all those stores! I like the modern appeal they have, and if you decorated your house with West Elm, it means it is good stuff! :D


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