Saturday, 16 February 2013


Photos by M.M.V.

Finally, posting about my favorite candle (that I will probably never light it): Kirkebrann.

It is a replica of the famous Norwegian Fantoft stave church. On 6 June 1992, the church was destroyed by an arson. Although Varg Vikernes (the leader of Burzum, well famous Black Metal band) was responsible for burning other churches in Norway (four in total), the jurors voted no guilty for Fantoft. He justified himself by stating it was a retaliation against Christianity for building church in a sacred Pagan site. A photograph of Fantoft in ashes was a cover of the 1993 Burzum EP Aske.

I am against about burning churches, but I am in favor about "protecting" paganism. 

Photo by Jeremy Bernard

"From 1200 Stave Churches built in the middle age, only 31 are still standing on the Norwegian field. On the 31 churches, 9 have been the target of arsons more or less connected to the Norwegian Black Metal scene." J.B.

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